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Jordan | Meetings & Incentive
Arabian Nights

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Experience Jordan

Have you ever wanted to live out the escapades of Indiana Jones and battle against the harsh desert climate with the awe-inspiring rose red city of Petra as a backdrop? Or how about going head to head with your company's managing director in a Roman chariot race? Hire the right local destination management company and your delegates could be doing just that. Your adventures in Jordan can be as creative as your imagination allows.

Jordan is a land rich in biblical sites, historic landmarks and dramatic natural landscapes:
• The rose red city of Petra is one of the 'Seven new wonders of the world'.
• The Dead Sea and its healing waters is the lowest point on Earth lying 400 metres below sea level.
• The diversity of ancient and modern monuments is exemplified in its capital city of Amman.
• In Madaba you can discover the ancient mosaics, still produced by the local people, and visit the Greek Orthodox church housing the famous map of the Holy Land that dates back to the 6th century.
• Other attractions include the breathtaking beauty of the desert of Wadi Rum.
• Other options include a visit to Jerash, where delegates can explore the well preserved Roman ruins and also watch a unique live show of Roman Army chariots and gladiators.
Experience a Bedouin wedding performance, ride the sand dunes in buggies or float on high in hot air balloons. With a host of unique attractions, it is not surprising that in recent years Jordan has seen a steady increase in businesses hosting conferences and meetings.

Jordan can be easily explored during a short trip as all major tourist sites are within a few hours driving distance. Amman, the Dead Sea, Jerash, Ajloun, even Petra are all within about three hours of each other,and it's not just the sites that are diverse, guests can experience these varied landscapes by hot air balloon, horse treks, or camel rides .

Jordan is very promising, being a unique destination for those who relish outdoor adventure. It is a friendly and welcoming country and one of the safest in the Middle East, offering different experiences of local traditions and modern life. This, coupled with Jordan's temperate climate year round, make it an ideal place for hosting your delegates.

Salma Tours has a department especially dedicated to meetings and business travel because we see that Jordan has everything it takes to be a top destination for delegates with five-star hotel offerings, modern and ancient attractions, and excellent conference facilities.

Incentive activities can range from visits to historical sites, such as Jerash and Petra, to 4X4 drives through different landscapes and diving adventures to discover the vibrant marine life in Aqaba. And we can cater to groups ranging in size from 15 to 500 persons.

We will encourage you to think out of the box and create an extraordinary event that surprises, delights, inspires and motivates.

By combining sustainable events with the luxury and comfort, normally demanded by meetings and business groups. If you want to present delegates with gifts and rewards that will be treasured rather than relegated to a bottom drawer, there are many possibilities. we work with local people to create authentic hand-woven Bedouin rugs and tapestries, embroidered linen and wooden carvings…..

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